Almanac Urban Tactics

“Urban Tactics” – are almanac/magazine devoted to city researches in Minsk.

Our purposes are assignment of wide audience of modern knowledge of city, understanding his place in global context in view of local features and tendencies. We want to understand and to tell other in what city all of us live, to try making sense what we want to see him in the future and how we can reach it.

“Urban Tactics” are a free platform, on which young experts from architecture, sociology, cultural science and other spheres will be able to publish their researches: we have a strong belief that only interdisciplinary approach will help to understand city. We want to give word to city activists and residents, whose opinion is so important and so rarely hear. Inhabitants’ involving to processes of transformation urban environment in the city is a necessary factor of building “city for people”.

All issues of the almanac were published on the Russian and Belarusian languages.

  • Editor: Dmitry Gaurusik
  • Publisher: The Support Сentre of Publishing Initiatives

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